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Octopus Paul

8th July, 2010

How funny idea to put octopus in the aquarium for forecasting the result of football!!
I like it!

I saw this video with FaceBook which a Dutch friend uploaded.
They must be interested in tomorrow's Paul's forecast about the final stage, hihi...
It is not big matter which country has been chosen by him. This idea has a sense of humor for forecasting.


On the other hand, I heard from my roommate about, "Do you know there is a campaign of a Dutch energy company that,
'If you sign the contract with our company now, when Holland became the champion of WK, you will get free energy for 1 year! '

Mmm... This idea I don't like because this idea does not have a sense of humor.
It sounds just strange that an energy company making corruption about people's football-resalt forecast.

Anyway forecasts should be based on a sense of humor. That's my type.



3rd of July, 2010

Finally 4 last countries placed on the tournament.
I'm already too tired to follow all games. Try to imagine, if you go to cafes or public viewing 2 or 3 times in a day and watching football games each times.

Our be-loved Japan national team already lost the game, so we need to back to normal a bit.
But we are still interested in watching stronger team's game, so we choose 1game for 1day to watch.

When the time of the game comes, I change my clothes from working-wear to daily-wear in my studio and go out to watch football game. It's difficult to find out the timing of changing clothes. I feel something in my mind about this...


Today I was little bit sad because Maradona's Argentina team lost to Germany.
Germany's play was too sharp... poor Maradona..

Holland is winning.
After theirs national team placed last 8, the neighbor public viewing moved to the main stage of Tolhiustuin.
Audience is expanding, it used to watch with around 30 neighbor but now is around 300 locals coming to watch the game! Sugoine-----


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