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Goo Goo vol.5

15th, Aug, 2010

Today I've got a parcel from a friend who lives in Japan.
My friend, Aya, had sent me a Manga about cats,"Goo Goo vol.5"!

Aya is a cat-lover.
Once in a while, she sends me something about cats. For example, cats-printed photos, cats-printed socks, cats-printed wallet.. especially sure thing, she sends me "Goo Goo" when the new volume on store.

Yes, she's so sweet..and a friendship of cat-lovers is mostly behind the back of sociality but somehow strong.
Sometimes I send something-about-cat back to her, for example my cat's photos what I took nicely, the other cats photos what someone took nicely.

Anyway I started to read the "Goo Goo vol.5" immediately.

Maybe you haven't read it yet. This Manga is based on a real story of the author.

The author, Yumiko O-shima, is a cat-lover. She's got her second cat from a pet shop after she lost her first cat.
Since she started living with the cat, Goo Goo, she's started to save stray cats in a park.

One day, she had got a very bad cancer. She made her testament to take the operation.
It succeeded. She continued the medication and continued saving stray cats around at the same time.
One thing and another, now she is living with 14 indoor cats and around 10 outdoor cats plus a dog! Of course her life has been involved in many cares of her cats and stray cats in the town (often it is quite problematic)..

In the vol.5, O-shima has lost several kitties and a contact person of her Manga.
A kitty's death with illness, a kitties death with an accident, and her contact person's death with her serious illness.
After reading through till vol.5, finally I realized that this story is always fighting with death, from the first part, the first volume.

It reminds me an another story, " Maigo no Tenshi (The Stray Angel)" written by Momoko Ishii.
Momoko Ishii is a person who transrated "Winnie- the-Pooh" in Japanese.

This fiction story's background is just after Second World War.
During the war, one day, the heroin, Mrs. Nenkai, had got a bomb in her neighborhood. She ran to a bomb shelter.
After she's out from the shelter, she witnessed a pair of legs has grown from the ground. The legs could identified that that is one of her neighbor's, an old woman's. She was buried alive.
The old woman was rescured soon and she's fine, but Mrs. Nenkai cannot forget the shock of the concrete image of death.

After this and that, the War's over. Survived stray cats started to come to Mrs.Nenkai's house. Sometimes people threw the cats on her yard like a trash area. She struggles to save cats. The stray cats continue to increase...

In the end of the story, Mrs. Nenkai faces to a mixed problems of "strays", in a bad politician family, a poor family and her family.

Well, let's get back to what I was talking.

When I finished to read "Goo Goo", I remembered about when I was in Maastricht, I made some drawings of Poesje (an old sweet cat) in a garden. I also remembered about when I sewed Daishin's warmer. During sewing, I was remembered about my grandma who's already passed away.
Looking at garden, or sewing bring me some kind of feeling.

I can find no similarity between my memories and "Goo Goo" but drawn cats.

Even though, I'd like to say, I like those drawn things are exist.

I have a cat.
Nowadays I was looking for someone who's going to take care of my cat for a week for I and Daishin both travel to Berlin.
It made me so happy that when some friends reacted and said "OK" to owe my small species.

It's not only for cats but also for Dogs, Birds, Turtles, Plants, etc..all for the other small species. That's great that those people exists!



Try out

7th August, 2010

We visited Rumiko's studio 2days ago.
I have got words sometimes about her studio that Igor rented whole empty basic school building and he invited several artists. They renovated the building for artist's studio by themselves, and it becoming really nice. Even they're making a guest-studio to make a small income for expenses of running the building. Well done!

Daishin helped Rumiko's space at the beginning of her renovation. Rumiko invited us to show how progress those spaces.

wow...... look at this, good job!
This photo is her living space. She made a big platform in her studio and above is living space. under the platform is storage.
She says, at the beginning was not easy but it becoming big fun to try out 'DO IT YOURSELF' about her studio and living space. now she's proud that 'I can do it!'
Sounds good!!
↑Daishin splashed coca-cola when he get into her studio and he's cleaning the floor. Oh my...

↑I'm performing her 'I can do it!'

The most impressive staff what I saw is, around 2m hole on a brick wall in the kitchen.
Try to imagine, that's a big staff to make a 2m hole on a brick wall!
I heard that they made many small hole by drills, and made the hole bigger and bigger, little by little. Like, "The Shawshank Redemption"!

We somehow started to feel happy to be there, and we excited chatting about 7 hours.
I guess her space's energy influenced all of us.


4th Aug, 2010

I was in Maastricht for 10days.
Maastricht is an old and beautiful city, a lot of nature, mountains, rivers, there are even wild horses.
It's a good place for summer vacation, especially good for cycling.

I had visited Maastricht to take care of Iwan's mother, Inge, her cat. I stayed Inge's house for 10 days.
Inge was out because she's taken care of her friend's cats in Den Haag in that 10 days.

My cat, Aloe, had been taken care by Daishin during I was in Maastricht.
When Daishin also came along to Maastricht for 3days, Go Eun and Yoshi could take care of Aloe.
Wow, such a relay of taking care of cats..what a sweetness, many thanks!

The cat, Poesje, is quite old cat, about 17 or 18 years old.
Her coat is black and white, it's alike Aloe.
Poesje looks happy that she's slept at Inge's garden whole day long.
When she walk, her hind legs are shaking a bit because of her age, actually it's just cute. even though she has those hind legs, she walk fast.
She has patch of balds on her back but it doesn't bother about her cuteness.

I really enjoyed staying Maastricht with Poesje (and Daishin). Thanks again!!





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