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8th Sep, 2010

It was the last day of our staying in Berlin when all we recovered from the cold.

We decided to go and watch KARAOKE concert as our final program in Berlin. The concert places at the stairs of the stadium in Mauer Park, on every Sunday.
At the beginning, I was pretty not sure that is that having fun to watch KARAOKE concert or not but YES.

When we arrived the concert, looks tough man was singing his own favorite (perhaps) number with a lot of fascination.
Next, a young girl started to sing her own favorite (perhaps) number.
And next, a young dancer sang 'Billy Jean' with smooth dancing.
And next, when a looks nice boy had sang Rock'n Roll with a bit of hesitation, a junky in the audience started the gate-clashing (After a while, the junky had been moved over the stage..).
After some couples and groups sang songs, a drinker drinking and singing.
An Immigrant (perhaps) sang a not-sounds-familiar song. Kids keep running around the stage whatever who's singing.
Looks-like-hippie old man lays down on the center of the stage and continues taking photograph...

It is just a simple idea of the concert. The people which includes a far-flung types, came to one field and sing a song in turn. Even though, it is quite thrilling watch.

The singers were nice. All they looks just enjoying singing even they don't sing like professionals.
I could imagine that maybe mostly singers had some preparation before the concert for entertain themselves and the audiences.

The audiences were nice, too. Everyone looks welcome and enjoying listening to the somebody's song. By the way, I was really surprised with such a many number of audiences there, maybe 200 or 300 people?

This concert made us enough entertained. We did not notice that we continued watching the concert whole day long without any effort.

Every Sunday at Maueu Park.
If you are in Berlin, I can recommend this a lot!


7th, Sep, 2010

I had visited Iwan and Verena in Berlin with Daishin.

We had no exact plan what-to-do in Berlin, so we thought that we can join the parade and picnic which Markus organized. Which means, we need to make something eye-catching stuff for the parade.

Iwan said he makes Animal Totem. Verena said she opens a tattoo shop. I and Daishin decided to make cat-hands for messing around the parade.
We worked hard..

However we didn't join the parade at the day. All we except Iwan had caught cold with fever heat.
It was a pity..

These photos are site of the parade.

These are stuff for the parade what we didn't use.. Look at these, cat hands, piggy-dog, totems..






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