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21st. Oct. 2010


I was busy with this and that, then I didn't touch this weblog since so long from last time.
Even this small weblog, there are some viewers in the world (surprising..).
If I stayed out the weblog too long, someone ask me "Are you still arrive?".

Anyway. I had got offered to take care of Lula (Gal's dog) in the middle of October.
It's been so long since last time, too. Of course I accepted. I like taking care of dogs, too.

I and Daishin both were busy at the moment to work for an apprication with the last minutes of the deadline. But actually it was fun to take a dog 3 times walk in a day.
Especially these days, the weather was great.

One of those great weather days, when I was taking a-bit-long-walk with Lula, suddenly someone on the street talked to me.
"Is she Lula? I know her!" he said. He said he's a neighbor of Gal and Ton.
He took some photos of Lula with us on the street and said, "I'll send the photos to Gal in America and Ton in Berlin! They'll be surprised--!"
haha, such a nice boy...




Lula's excited too much, oh my grasses!

After a while, Ton had sent me the photos, too. Then I surprised a bit because the photos is black and white.
Normally, I can say no problem about black and white, but, it was a great weather day, a beautiful autumn day...!


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