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Mr. Gotoh's story

23rd of March, 2011

I am watching Mr. Gotoh's lecture everyday.
The reason is, after the quake, after the Fukushima Nuke accident, I was watching NHK internet broadcast everyday, actually I was glued to the tube, but i didn't feel understanding anything about this accident. Feels weird.

At the begining, I thought there are many unexplained matter about this accident but it's not only the reason i felt weird.

Then I started to watch Mr. Gotoh's lecture in Ustream.
His view of point is, you cannot understand about the nuclear accident without understand it technically. He explains about what happened, and what's the problem, based on the nuclear plant design and the containment vessels design.

And one more thing that i like about his lecture is,
He had worked as a technician of TOSHIBA nuclear department for long time, and he felt uncomfortable to work there with his all working period.
He wanted to make the Containment Vessels as strong as possible with his technician's good but its standard was not as he wanted. He says, actually there was no technical standard for such as a severe accident like Fukushima so far.
He had had his difficult time for long time about this double-standard, and now he is explaining what is the Containment Vessels of Fukushima before he says about nuke Yes or No.

Maybe that is why his words reach to me, such a broadcast watcher about Fukushima.

Japanese tried to be good shoppers but they didn't know how to shop theirs own energy.


19th of March, 2011

We are worring about Fukushima's situation day and night. Concerned Parties trying hard day and night to make solve the accident but it doesn't look easy.

CINIC uploades new reports everyday.

This Report reported by two Nuclear technicians. Masahiko Tanaka is a former technician of HITACHI Nuclear Conteiment Vessels, and a reguler reporter Masashi Gotoh, a former technician of TOSHIBA Nuclear department. (Japanese-English)

And, Hisako Sakiyama, a master and an expert about radiation.
She talked about basic understanding about radiation actives. (only in Japanese)

The interesting part of those report, as for Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Gotoh says,

(They are well understanding that this accident is still too difficult to figure out all because the risk is too high to make any investigation, but)
*That is strange when the 'specialists' of nuke problem, in mass-media, says 'It is safe' about this accident, we cannot find any source of data about the safety they say.

*We need mentions about unclear matter that 'it is unclear' when they explain. If they make absence about unclear matter, it no longer will make people's understanding about this accident even the situation is still unexplained.

Ms. Sakiyama says,

*It does not make sense that using comparing for explaination about risks of radiation exposed between discharged radiation of Fukushima Nuke and medical radiation-exposed, for example X-ray or CT.
One is taking exposed radiation risks because the patient has higher risks of illness.
The other one is, people cleaning up national mistakes. They have no need to take a radiation exposed risk for their health.

* It does not make sense now the government olny reports radiation levels near by the Nuke plant. The government and Tepco immediately have to report around 30km areas from the plant, which is many people is there as evacuee.

Ms. Sakiyama is worried about there is no enough and no rapid announcement from the government to people so far, to save their health from the radiation actives.


14th of March, 2011

I cannot go for working until the temperature of conteiment vessels of Fukushima Nuke enough cool down.

We are still gazing NHK (former national channel) livestream in internet. Daishin says, when he looking at NHK, his heart always with people in Japan.

We don't get enough information about this accident from NHK program, of course they are former national channel, so we started to find more details about this accident in internet.
We could find a good one in Ustream, Citizen's Nuclear Information Center's program. Reported by Masashi Gotoh, a former technician of Toshiba Nuclear Conteiment Vessels.
*only in Japanese, 55min.

I recomend this CNIC's program. You may get much clearer visions about this accident.


The Disaster

12th of March, 2011

Yesterday,when I awake, I saw a news about Japan that Japan has been attacked by a big earthquake.
Immediately I checked the regional difference of the quake stage, and I realized that this quake attacked on my hometown as well.
I called to my mum, lives in Chiba. She told me that she and my dad both are OK. But, she's still scared because the quake shaked so big and continued so long that she'd never had before. And many aftershock is still coming.

I contacted to Goh and an another friend who's sharing a studio in Japan.
As you know, Goh is living in looks fragile tree-house, plus, many of my works and Daishin's still there. I wanted to know what's going on there.

After a while, I could received news from friends with theirs own safe, and more friends who's around Tokyo at the moment, all safe also.
Fortunately all family and friends around me and Daishin, didn't get hurt by the quake, thanks god..
Everyone who knows the moment of the quake, said that the quake was so big, long, and have never had before.. What a sorry!

Afterwards, I saw a news of Tsunami.
It was terrible. Terribly scared. I saw the Tsunami making huge and terrible damages on the north-coast areas.
My heart was squeezed, and could not close my eyes.
I still cannot stop following coming news about this unbelievable damages. The damage becoming clearer little by little, and is impossible to imagine how the people in the disaster-afflicted area feels.

In those days, I received many greetings, worring my family and friends in Japan, from friends who lives in Holland and the other countries.
Many many thanks. I answered they are OK, and I told those greetings to my family and friends in Japan.

I could see that the disaster-afflicted area does not only need huge and short period support but also middle or longer period support.
Both of our idea does not go further than doing donation act for right now, but at least I have an idea about my current project, publishing a drawing book, to change to a charity book.

My heart hurt about so many people is still missing.
I strongly, and sinsurely hope that the people who get damages by the disaster, could carry on their own daily life as soon and much as possible.

March 5th, 2011

I went to an opening of my friend, Marijn, his exhibition at Paul Andriesse gallery in Amsterdam.
It was exciting show, I recommend to drop off the place if you are around. This week is the last chance to see them.


The gallery had moved last year to a big space in Westerstraat. Now the gallery has two big spaces separated a front space and a back space. In between there is a bridging space like a corridor.
At the front space, you can see Marijn's artworks, drawings and videos.
In mostly his works you can find their source on the surface and from the titles. I really enjoyed to see where he found his work's source and his variety of reaction, which with plenty of noises.

In the back space, you can see a group show which is organized by Marijn. In the group show, you will see works by well-known artist and by young artist together. I think...each works has combination of opposite role, otherwise very different role together on an artwork, achieved by variety of ideas.
Marijn combined those works in a same space. And it looks good.

As for me, it was enjoyable to see such a variety of ideas and achievement, actually I enjoyed like, "WOW! I have never seen like this artworks! cool!".


By the way, this work above, the welcome work of the show and you can see on the invitation as well, entitled "the passenger".
It reminds me and Daishin about an Andy Warhol's artwork but the source was Iggy Pop's "The Passenger".

I said "Andy Warhol's work" but me and Daishin reminded different works each other.
Daishin's was, the works which shows a car accident, and mine was an electric chair one.
Anyway both we made a wrong assumption.

And this work below, was on a table as free-for-all. Marijn says, He couldn't find any spaces for this work, then decided to pass out for visitors like fliers.


This sentence and its graphic. awesome. It reminds me a work from the back space, Sol Lewitt Wall Drawing 124: Horizontal not straight, Nah, maybe this also a wrong assumption anyway.

I like his sense of graphic, not only awesome but also dried humor. On the other hand, I could see a sort of short distance eye and its universe at the same time.
I know it sounds wired to say 'Universe'. Only twice I have used 'universe' when I saw artworks.
One with Grayson Perry's works, and the other one with Jackson Pollock's.

Simply, I could see equal abilities of confrontations, between drawn part and not-drawn part, painted part and unpainted part, original and copies, sounds and silence, big and small, still and moving, ideas and its duplication.
And those elements all shuffled once, and trying to make combination each other. not with random way, with looks suit way, with his way.

(Last updated at 5th of August 2011.)


2nd MAR, 2011


Before I go studio, I asked Daishin what do you want to eat for today's dinner. Today's Daishin's Birthday.

He said,
"Well.., I think I want to eat the real Indian curry maybe."

As you know the "real" means you need to well-cook, at least longer than 1 hour, the well-chopped onion, then add spices, flour, and so on.

Oh wow, sounds hard to call on. It's already past noon. I checked the recipe, and it says "At least you let the curry set overnight after cooked."
Nah, doesn't matter. The birthday person has the option, indeed.

Then I change my plan if that would come, I go shopping first and start cooking as soon as possible before the dinner.
It was sort of hard job to cook the onion with scraping hard constantly the bottom of the pot, to avoid burning the onion, longer than 1 hour.

BUT. Once you have done, you would have the wonderful result, the achievement. The curry was marvelous!

By the way, Daishin gifted me Katamari-damacy, PSP version, even though today's his birthday, thank you.

Happy Birthday Daishin!!!



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