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Love in Tokyo

16th of July, 2011

I've got e-mail from friends who lives in Berlin. They are couple.

They say, "Thanks for the small presents, v (name of the girlfriend) loves the keyboard of 'Love in Tokyo'. Did you know that called 'Love in Tokyo?'"

I don't know what they call 'Love in Tokyo' about.
I have left a small present when I rent theirs house in Berlin, they were out for a while at the moment.
The present was that I found in Amsterdam, a hair accessory that made by old pc's keyboard apart to pieces, and pieces through a rubber-band.
I chose the one with 'v' for her initial.
Nowadays they'd back to their house and had found my present.

I am happy to hear that she loves it, (actually I was sure that that makes her happy) but what about 'Love in Tokyo'?

I googled the word 'Love in Tokyo' instead of replying them.

The search shows me results, mostly results are about a bollywood movie that released 1966 entitled 'Love in Tokyo' on YouTube.
I expected that that is not a result what I wanted but I didn't find any other fits either.

I started to watch some of those movies just for in case.

Wow...an Indian actor and an actress singing and dancing in the center of Tokyo in 1966.
They go through dance and sing everywhere, and old style Japanese everywhere.
They look happy with their life in Tokyo, 2 years after the Olympic game had been held there.

I felt like, '?' during I kept watching videos.
And the '?' have kept hanging somewhere in my head as if they are there because of their own shape.

I still don't have an answer about 'Love in Tokyo'. I guess that called about sending present to someone with one's initial goods! That's what I did...



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