September 2012アーカイブ


Our friend Rimme says,

"In Holland, when the city starts freezing, people starts melting."

That's right. When we get super-freezing nights in winter, people in Holland starts to be happy and excited.
They become even nicer than usual. Because they like skating on natural ice so much!

My Dutch teacher, Els, also likes skating on natural ice.
Once she told us her story about how she survived from her fallen down under the natural ice. The story took 2weeks of our lessons. She became an exciting storyteller. (And we listened her story with our enthusiasm!)
Sometimes people on natural ice could fall down to the under the cracked ice. Otherwise from the thin part of the ice.

Els showed us an interesting tool for surviving from the natural ice accident. Then she taught us how to use it.

How interesting tool is it! You can survive yourself with his small and sharp neil against on the deadly slippy ice.
the black staff is a whistle. You must let people know that you are in urgent!
I and Daishin bought one each before our first skating on natural ice in Holland.

Fortunately we didn't fall down under the cracked ice because we carefully chosen the place to skate.
Actually we only went to a small lake(a pond?) in a park, or to a kanal that many people already enjoys their skating there.

Even though, yeah, I agree, we could enjoy so much to skate on the natural ice!
It's makes me feel so refreshed and freedom (and it's free)!






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