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Sunday Roast


On last Sunday.

My friend Peggy and her boyfriend Freek have started their new project in their living room in Amsterdam. It named "Sunday Roast".
They invite artists who they are interested in, and make a small exhibition in their living room.
On Sunday a small group (artists, architects, historian, and their family, etc )has been invited for the exhibition and we have lunch with the guest artist and their artworks in the living room.
The lunch was well prepared by Freek.

The first guest artist is a Danish artist who lives and works in London, Maria Zahle.

Maria and Peggy had a show together in Hamburg, and they continued keep-in-touch.
Then in this time Maria became their first guest of their project!

There are 2 fabric works (which is some small abstract/shaped fabric pieces on top of quite vertically-long format colored silk. The title is "door". ) on the walls. The next of it, hanging a bronze and T-shirts sculpture which is new work of Maria. A table cloth on a table also her work (Maria made drawings on a table cloth. We have lunch on top of the work).
Her works looks so nice in their Amsterdam-sized living room (which means not so big but a cozy living room).
And the lunch was also very nice.
The uploaded photos are invitation card which made by the artist.

Maria says,

"I made these fabric works (the "door") when I was so busy to take care of my child. I had no time to go to my studio and I started to make works which I can make them in my house.

A funny thing is, when I showed these works in Hamburg, it was difficult to find the good place for the works in the gallery but here, in this living room, I had no difficulty to find the place. I think these works are quite good for a domestic space like here."

Mmm..How interesting!

Basically, when people talk about artworks, the people imagines to set artworks in a "public space".
How it works for public, how it looks in a public space..
But actually artworks are not made only for the "public". Especially if you deeply involved in artworks in your life, like an artist, the influences of your personal/ domestic experiences should not be ignored.
If I try to make my artworks for "public", maybe I have to ask to myself that what should I choose (for public) and what should I trim(for public).
mmm...then it will be boring.

Maybe, the personal/ domestic experiences are important for artists because of its weakness. It can make artworks mature. 
It makes wide range of potential for how you get an idea, how to make it and
how to look at artworks. I believe this process make strength and mature of the "art".
This is what I enjoyed on Sunday in their living room with Peggy, Maria, Freek and all guests.

They started an interesting project!



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