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24th June, 2013

Today our baby has born!  
In the photo he's been measured his weight by a midwife.


22nd June, 2013

Recently Daishin says often, "Did that happen in last week? Is today already a week later? Oh, time is flying!"
That means Daishin is busy. But for me it seems that the plants that Daishin is taking good care of, are growing with eating his time. Plants are sucking his time.

We have some plants in our small balcony. Every year, before spring has come, we talk seriously and decide suitably what to plant for this summer. Daishin wants to plant something edible. For example he likes stories like, he plants coffee and harvest coffee beans by himself to make his own coffee for his coffee break. I prefer to plant flowers, just for fun.
This is the formula of this year:
Cosmos (1 and a half of big pot, 1 small pot)
Chrysanthemum (2 big pots)
Camomile (1 and a half of big pot, 3 small pots)
Parsley (2~3 small pots each)
Shiso(Japanese seasoning. 2~3 small pots each)
Mulukhiya (2~3 small pots each)

Holland has long winter. Spring is still cold. Even after you plant seeds in spring, they don't grow quickly. In early summer, from May to June, starts the things change quickly. Everyday you will find something different, their growth become finally visible! Then I start to feel like our time during looking at them converted into their growth.

It is something like, I draw plants on a paper. I look at them and follow the details of leaves one by one. A plant starts growing on a paper in direct proportion I spend time to follow the details.



21 June, 2013
Childbirth Preparations! 
I am busy with the last days of my pregnancy.  My expected day is coming in two weeks. 
My tummy becoming bigger and bigger. It still make me surprised when I see my tummy unexpectedly, for example, when I see a reflected figure of myself on some windows on a street, etc.

During my maternity leave (It is very nice that in Holland freelancer also can take maternity leave), something changes in our house everyday. Some furniture went to upstairs and it came back to downstairs, the layout of furniture has been changed again, installing new stuff for baby, etc. 
Most of the time Daishin works hard for that. 
Aloe(our cat) also looks feeling something. Most interesting stuff for her is a baby bed. Sometimes she cries when she wants to get there.


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