July 2013アーカイブ

"Kraamtijd is feesje"

1st July, 2013

Our period of postnatal care (Kraamtijd) was over.
In Holland women can have 8-10days of postnatal care after her delivery.
Maternity nurses (Kraamzorg) visit you everyday to take care of you, your newborn child and your family.
Midwives also visit you to watch how you recover after your delivery. 
Consaltatiebureau visit you to make heelprick test and hearing test. Neighbors visit you to see your child.
Everyday someone visits you to support you and your newborn child.
It sounds busy but actually Kraamtijd is very nice and special days for you. 
It was like you are having feast everyday.

One of my friend told me that
"Our son is already 1year and a half an year old but I still can remember about this special period as just happened yesterday."





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