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Rabbits/ apartheid and Japan

18th December, 2013

Rabbits in the Rijks_web.jpg

I went to Rijksakademie to fetch my donated artwork to Artists Endowments.
I saw the rabbits still there! It's nice that they also can stay there.
(I received a good news from Rijksakademie that now they are official owner of the building. They don't need to move to the other place due to the budget cut.) 


Daishin checks Japanese news site everyday. His favorite Japanese journalist Tetsuo Jinbo gave interesting comment for the decease of Nelson Mandela.
He says, many people in Japan commented condolence of Nelson Mandela. They praise tremendously about Mandela's accomplish. but Jinbo would like to mention to Japanese people that Japan was only one country that traded with South Africa at the moment of South Africa still doing apartheid. The other country stopped their trading with South Africa to against apartheid. If Japanese people were aware of it and tried to against their government, the apartheid would ended much earlier, he thinks.
He is always wondering each individual Japanese people are so kind but why so dump as public. Most of the Japanese people even doesn't know that their country used to help apartheid.
A comparative sociologist Susumu Miyadai commented that Japanese people are badly generous to against their government. 

Sinterklaas in the storm

5th December. 2013

the day of sinterklaas_01.jpg

the day of sinterklaas_02.jpg

the day of sinterklaas_03.jpg

Today I saw Sookoon coincidentally in the street that I do not often go. We didn't see each other about 6 years long. She just arrived to Amsterdam to visit Vincent who is participating Amsterdam Light Festival. She said that Vincent is preparing his work in the city center.

At the moment I was looking for a cafe that i have never been before. I had an appointment at that cafe with Ruth to meet her newborn baby. The day was terribly stormy but we decided to go our appointment on.
( We thought the storm wasn't so terrible like we had in October, but it was.)

Me and Sookoon promised that we see each other again during Sookoon and Vincent are in Amsterdam. 

When I was back to our house, I got a phone call from Vincent. They came to our house to see Sosuke in this stormy weather! 
Unexpectedly we celebrate sinterklaas together as if we are roommate like 6 years ago.

In the end of the day, at a just a little moment of break after they left, I saw a breaking news of the decease of Nelson Mandela.
What a stormy day!


Naive Set and Marijn van Kreij

30 Nov. 2013
I saw a nice performance today at Gallery Paul Andriesse. The performance was organized by Marijn van Kreij.  

This performance entitled that;
'Welcome back! Thoughts are performance'

The idea of the  Performance is, Marijn invite a charming Amsterdam band 'Naive Set' to play their music in the gallery, in front of his 'riff-series' works.
Naive Set plays riff of 'If not for you'(Bob Dylan + George Hurrison) endlessly as an answer of Marijn's riff series works, before they play their own number. 
That was nice idea!

(the cover art is Marijn's riff work)

I have seen before Marijn invited an another charming Dutch band to his exhibition as a special guest. At that time he had put sprinkles (thousands and hundreds) on a floor to make a place for the band. 
This time i saw some taped cardboard on the floor. I enjoyed to make this part as drawing.



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