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I had strange feeling when I woke up from a short nap (about 15min) on the tatami mats in my house. I doubly felt the awaking from the nap of my teenage and a nap that I had now. I lay on the tatami after some house hold work and had a nap . I was a high school student and was trying yogi pose with a book that my friend gave me to try. I fell asleep on tatami mat, and I awoke because my body was getting cool. It was strange that that it is a same person that I was and I am on the tatami mats.

Some days later I was on the same tatami room. That was a time after dinner and I was relaxing, hearing the voices that from the next room that my husband and my son were talking each other. I saw a movie flyer on a foldable table in front of me. And found a word with big letters "FUTURE" saying because that was a part of he title of the movie. That made me feeling like the flyer saying ME will have "FUTURE" as well.

I think that the tatami mats connected each small experiences together, about the past, present and future. It is like a tatami time machine.

Some days later I got e-mail from my sister. My sister wrote me the conversation with my son that she had a few days ago. My son told her that the ceiling of the tatami room in my house, looks very close to my mom's house's ceiling that I grew up there. He explained her which patterns and stains looks similar. Yes, it is likely to happen. My mom's house and the house now I live is quite similar especially its parts and details. Both houses built in almost same years, might be built the same (kind of) housing company.

My time travel experience also might be induced that the looks-similar-ceilings that unconsciously gazing when I awoke at my teenage and at now.

The ceiling was made with some printed woody-pattern panels putting next to each other. Unfortunately I don't remember the patterns and the stains like my son does. I remember there's some gaps between the panel and the other panels.
I painted the gaps as lines on my painting at the same time as plane on my painting.
I painted a carrot that crossing lines like I am cutting this carrot.
The future is there with no mercy. But It might be able to access nicely some part of the future if I have right questions.


"When I was struggling at the Rijks, I worked hard to figure out something but it was too much focused on 'answers', I should've visualized the 'questions' also. "

by correspondence with Marijn van Kreij, 2009


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